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Experienced editors

Innovative editor … can work on all manner of subject material and genres

Alison is an innovative editor, who brings to the role strong analytical skills and a sharp eye for detail. As a content editor, she is able to identify difficulties with a text and offer realistic solutions. As a copy editor, she has a sound knowledge of grammar and spelling and the ability needed to apply stylistic consistency effectively. While her academic background makes her an especially effective editor of academic journal papers and books, she has the skills to work on all manner of subject material and genres. Senior editor & tutor of the Graduate Certificate of Editing, Whitireia, 2017

An eagle eye for error and a nicely-balanced sense of style

Alison is a great editor with an eagle eye for error and a nicely-balanced sense of style. She is easy to work with and knows how to find the errors of both form and style without losing my voice. Editor Community Newsletter


Feedback is always constructive, courteous and timely

Alison's feedback is always constructive, courteous and timely. Any questions are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Professor of Education, University of Auckland, 2017

Invaluable both technically and academically

Alison’s editorial assistance was invaluable both technically and academically. Her extensive editorial experience with various journals and their conventions was very helpful in speedily assisting with meeting the proofing requirements. Alison provided constructive feedback throughout the process, as a preliminary peer review. She was also able to indicate areas that might be worth writing up in future publications. Alison was very efficient with her feedback within agreed upon timeframes. She was readily available through Skype or phone and email. Senior Academic (August 2017)

Organised and efficient

As the coordinator of a national research project involving several reports from various tertiary education institutions, I needed an editor who was organised and efficient. It was also important for me to find someone who was easy to work with. A colleague at the University of Canterbury recommended Alison Gilmore to me. Alison’s work was professional, timely and of high quality. She was also a pleasure to work with. I intend using Alison’s copy editing services again and I can recommend Alison without reservation. Thanks so much for your services Alison. Your work was fantastic. Senior Academic (January 2018)

Editorial assistance perfectly tailored to my needs ... support was exceptional

I have been absolutely delighted with the excellent work that Alison has done in editing my manuscript that was recently accepted for publication in a highly rated journal. Her feedback was insightful, timely and of very good quality. In fact, her editorial assistance was perfectly tailored to my needs and the support was exceptional and I cannot recommend her enough. You will not be disappointed! Senior Academic (May 2021)

PhD Candidates

A conscientious and diligent editor who took my requests into consideration throughout the process

I had the privilege of having Alison Gilmore provide editorial assistance for my PhD thesis. Her ability to have a ‘bird’s eye view’ i.e. checking for consistency throughout the document, while at the same time providing exceptional attention to detail led to a well-organised, well written thesis. Alison’s editorial suggestions not only led to improved technical aspects of my writing, and enhanced the clarity for the reader. Alison’s approach is designed to match the requirements of the client. I found her to be a conscientious and diligent editor who took my requests into consideration throughout the process. It is without hesitation that I recommend Alison Gilmore as an academic editor to friends and colleagues. PhD Candidate (January 2018)

Support[ed] me during this editing/proofreading phase

I want to acknowledge everything you have done to support me during this editing/proofreading phase. I appreciate your guidance and the amazing work you have done. I have learned much from the process and am implementing what I learn into my daily work. PhD Candidate (June 2020)

Readily available and kept in regular contact ... worked responsively to my needs ... always ensured my work was returned promptly

I have had the pleasure of working with Alison Gilmore as a proofreader for my doctoral thesis. Alison was readily available and kept in regular contact via email and phone. Her communication was always of a high level, ensuring my mana was upheld through respectful interactions. As I moved between English and te reo Māori in my thesis, Alison responded with a warm, respectful and bicultural lens. Alison was able to work responsively to my needs, allowed me time to percolate and always ensured my work was returned promptly. I would highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to access proof reading services. PhD Candidate (August 2020)

I will always appreciate and remember Alison’s amazing editing skills and kind, supportive nature.

I can’t speak highly enough of Alison. She has a supportive and kind nature and amazing editing skills. I started my doctorate with the goal of taking five years, juggling full time work with study. As the deadline loomed, I could see it would be really difficult to achieve this. A colleague recommended I contact Alison because she had worked with Alison to complete her thesis saying, ‘Alison is the best’. I met with Alison and we made a plan for completing my thesis on time. I sent her chapters as I finalised them and she edited and returned these to me. Working with Alison was the smartest decision I made to get my thesis completed. Alison was great to work with, not just from an editing perspective but also with giving me moral support. With her support, I achieved my goal of completing within five years. When I reflect on completing my doctorate I will always appreciate and remember Alison’s amazing editing skills and kind, supportive nature. (2022) (PhD candidate)

English as a Second Language

Very respectful of my work … I could see clearly the depth of her analysis of my writing

My work with Alison was fully satisfactory. I found that she made a careful reading of my work. Moreover, she got deeply involved with my writing in a way that was evident in her recommendations. She was teaching me how to improve grammar and style. I could see clearly the depth of her analysis of my writing when I found recommendations to review quotes. I was surprised because it seemed that she knew my bibliography just like me! I am very grateful because Alison was very respectful of my work. Her recommendations conscientiously sought alternatives that would harmonise with the content of my thesis. Also, she helped me to deal with the use of Spanish and Māori in the thesis, in ways that were both respectful of the content and clear for the reader. Thanks Alison. PhD Candidate (January 2018)


Always collegial … considerable empathy & understanding of the anxieties of a first-time writer

I was glad to take up Alison’s generous offer to do some editing work on my book about my practices as a family doctor. I came to understand what an editor does and to appreciate Alison’s level of expertise. My book has been transformed from the tome I originally sent to Alison.

Her approach was always collegial. She took my book seriously and had many suggestions to make for its improvement. At no stage was Alison over-critical or patronising. She has considerable empathy and understanding of the anxieties of a first-time writer and has worked at a pace in keeping with my doubts and ambivalence about the project.

I have not only found a great editor, but I have also made a good friend. Brian l Jones MB.ChB, MNZAP, FRNZCGP.

Editorial work on my technical manual was excellent

Alison's editorial work on my technical manual was excellent. She checked very complex text and details and improved the quality of the manual enormously. I owe her a debt of gratitude for her close attention to detail and writing skills. René Schelker, Switzerland